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All your information in one place, in an impressive and convenient way for your customers.

The digital business card that closes deals.

What is a digital business card?

The digital business card centralizes all your business information, and allows new customers to see not only the services you offer, but also to get a glimpse of the social networks related to your business and some contact methods.

The card is built in a focused way and a professional and unique design that is adapted to every business owner, to create an impressive first impression and, above all, to close future transactions.

Through the digital business card, you can easily navigate inside the desired business, call or contact via WhatsApp to request additional information or price offers, all with one click.

Want to know what makes the digital card more functional? What advantages does a digital business card have as opposed to a website business card? Which business card is best for your business? Everything you want to know about digital business cards in a comprehensive and extensive article on the subject.

Support & Service

Even after we have finished designing your digital business card, we are with you throughout the year. If you have any problem or question, we are here for you anytime and for anything you need on the subject. We treat every customer like family and give all our customers the support they need.

Design & Branding

The digital business cards we produce are designed by designers who dedicate their work to create the perfect look for your business. A look that will impress your future customers. Don't have pictures or a logo? Leave it in our hands.

Deliver Results

To know that you are not buying a cat in a bag, you can check over 600 recommendations from different business owners on our social networks, which will testify for themselves.

Experience & Professionalism

Experience and professionalism are a must in the digital field, and especially in the development and design of digital business cards, when each business is treated as a unique world in itself, with a design that is individually adjusted.

What do they say about us?

Barak for my life
Barak for my
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I am very satisfied with the result, I started with one card for myself and very quickly realized that this is the way, and I ordered all our employees, they all use it, it helps us a lot with the customers. Thank you
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I liked the service, thank you
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Very satisfied with the service and especially with the personal attitude of Ariel who guided me on social networks and with his amazing patience, thank you very much
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Thank you for the digital business card you designed for me, I find there is a lot of interest every time I send the card. Thank you

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Digital presence on Google

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A digital presence on Google is one of the most prominent advantages of our company and of our digital business card.

Today, almost every business can be found on Google, and customers looking for a business in a specific field will be happy to check the business hours, different contact methods, offered services, and more.

To bring your business to the first page and the first Google search, our team does a smart and professional characterization, and invests a lot in promoting the domain. So if someone searches Google for the name of the business, or a business in a similar field, your business will appear in the first search.

One click and you are on WhatsApp

Sent with a click to the customer directly to WhatsApp

The digital business card is sent with a link to the business’s WhatsApp, which will allow you to have a conversation with the professional in a more convenient way. In addition, you can send the business card at the end of the call and enter the business card with one click, which will expose you to the business and all the services that that business offers.

Now you can also send the business card through regular SMS messages with a simple click.

Who we are? , nice to meet you.

Very nice to meet you, we are .

Our company is based in Moshav Shevi Zion, on the seashore and specializes in advertising and marketing.

Our digital business cards were born after years of work with various businesses in all industries, and are making a significant revolution in the marketing industry.

Every business for which we have built a business card, the success of the business testifies to the quality and effectiveness of the business card.

Our office consists of several teams, where each member of each team is a professional with seniority and experience in the field. We make digital business cards for every business, and you can find information about us on Facebook and Google.

Now that you have gotten to know us, we will be very happy to get to know you as well.

How It Works


How the process works

Process is easy, opening a order in which the relevant details and information will be provided, which takes five minutes, after which a process will begin.



Buy a package

After purchasing the package, you will be sent a form to fill in all the details, which will appear on your business card.


We are building

From the moment your data is sent to our system, you will be issued a business card within three working days.




After finishing, you can enjoy your digital business card!.

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A small taste for impressions

If you would like to browse and see for yourself our works…

Guides and articles from the blog

How to use the digital business card in an effective way that will allow you to get more leads, and close deals. How to integrate your business card into your business WhatsApp through a distribution list and tips. Take the time to read a blog invested especially for you.

Questions and Answers

Everything you want to know about the digital card

From the customer’s point of view, a digital business card is like the front door to your business. The business card concentrates all the information about you in a convenient way and is suitable for all types of businesses – small and large.

The biggest advantage of the digital business card is its simplicity and convenience.
There are many types of customers – there are older customers, there are non-technical customers, there are suspicious customers who want to investigate the business or service in depth before they even contact it.
Our business card provides a comprehensive response to all types of customers and improves your conversion rates – the chance of a customer contacting you after going through your business card is much higher, compared to a customer who went through your Facebook page or website.

We provide a full service including regular information updates throughout the year. Our goal is to make your life easy so that you don’t have to mess with different systems or remember passwords during the year.
You send a message – we update. Simple and easy.

We do not publish costs and do not give the option to purchase directly through the website because the cost of work can vary between different businesses and according to the quantities of the necessary business cards.
We give an offer after talking with our client, understanding what his need is and that we really meet his need.
You are welcome to leave details. We (almost never) bite.

Free is our favorite price, but a free business card has many disadvantages, the most prominent of which is the design, or – the lack of design.
A business card should present you professionally, stimulate the customer’s imagination and intrigue him, so the design is the most important part of it.
In addition, a free business card will often have little information and will consist mainly of links and contact information. It will not create interest or curiosity in the customer, and certainly will not make you stand out from your competitors.

Among our customers are dozens and even hundreds of digital business cards, which are used by the various positions in their company – CEOs, VPs, service providers, sales people and more.
Even when it comes to dozens of business cards, our work process is very simple and we know how to provide a solution that requires almost no effort and resources on the part of the business.
The advantages of digital business cards in large companies are the great exposure to the company’s website and social networks, and the creation of personal and high-quality relationships with customers and colleagues, something that is very difficult to achieve with a large array of employees.
For price offers and more details contact us.

The website and the business card have different roles. A site by its nature is very comprehensive and in-depth, and is rich in content.
On the other hand, the business card is concise and focused and aims to create a quick and high-quality introduction between the customer and the business (or the person in charge).

There are different types of websites. In rough segmentation – there are image sites, catalog sites and store sites.
The business card cannot replace catalog or store sites, but it can certainly replace image sites.
Our business cards have many advantages over image sites. On one leg – the cost of an image site reaches thousands of shekels, especially in the first year, image sites require a lot of time and resources from you during the establishment period, they require a constant refresh of content and they tend to become outdated quickly as soon as you start touching and changing things on them.
On the other hand, our business card is under our regular maintenance and it always looks good, it does not require your time and resources (we do almost everything for you), and the costs are negligible compared to a website or any other marketing product you purchase.

NFC technology is a standard for wireless communication found in all mobile devices and is very similar to the familiar Bluetooth.

Just like when you pay with a credit card by attaching it to the payment device, the NFC card allows you to transmit a link to your digital business card to another phone by attaching the card to the phone.

The problem with NFC is the fact that the technology doesn’t work on your customer’s phone unless he goes into the device settings and activates it – just like you have to activate the location services (GPS) and Bluetooth.

The chances are that as soon as you try to transfer your business card using an NFC card, nothing will happen and you will stand embarrassed in front of the customer and try to understand why it doesn’t work.

For these reasons, we do not offer our customers an NFC card, nor do we recommend its use. On the face of it, the idea is nice, but from a practical point of view – it just doesn’t work.

Transferring a digital business card is a simple thing that is done in a few seconds, there is no need for unnecessary gimmicks.

In case you don’t have a logo, there are 2 options:
1. You can build a business card even without a logo – our studio is very skilled and we have built thousands of business cards for businesses that do not have a logo. We know how to get perfect results even when there is no logo.

2. You can purchase a logo or branding package for your business from us and the branding we will create for you will already be integrated into your digital business card.
You can read in the following article about the importance of the logo for your business, and see branding works we created for Get Marketing customers.

Logo and branding for the business: click here
Branding portfolio: click here

In case you don’t have photos, we know how to combine photos that we purchased from a professional photo bank at no additional cost.
In general, and just like in the previous question – we have solutions for everything.
Many businesses purchase a business card from us already in the establishment stages of their business, before they have a logo, images and texts.
Our job is to respond and present you in such a way that you create a high first impression in the eyes of the customer, therefore we know how to find solutions for every scenario and even give you personal advice on how to act in order to improve the visibility and marketing of your business along the way.

As in everything in life there are many similar products and in a spectrum of prices.
Our advantages stand out in any channel you choose – from the design of our amazing studio, through the professional characterization and advice of our marketing people, our customer service, to the training and accompanying calls we make personally to each customer after delivering the digital business card.
But if you want a really easy life, we invite you to simply visit our Facebook page and read over 550 recommendations from business owners who use the company’s services. There is nothing better than a customer referral.

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