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A digital business card is recommended for everyone – what is it? The complete guide

    What is a digital business card for beauticians anyway?

    Today in the digital age, almost everything is much easier, accessible and convenient, a new world that serves us not bad at all. You can even say very well. A digital business card for beauticians is a perfect and cost-effective tool, with a smart system for promoting and marketing your business! which allows you to display details about your business, photos, operating hours, Contact details, you can display links to social networks, etc. And everything is done in an easy, convenient and professional way so that you can continue to work and increase your profits.

    Your customers keep in touch with you

    Your customers are given the option (via mobile) to save you as a contact by simply clicking on the save contact button, and voila! The details that appear on your digital business card – saved as a contact on the customer’s mobile phone. An excellent solution to create and maintain your customer base.

    An important rule – quality is not compromised!

    It is important to know that under no circumstances should you compromise on quality. And who like you knows it better? Experience brings wisdom, You know very well that in your profession there are no compromises, it is desirable and even mandatory not to compromise on a professional beautician with golden hands. No one would (God forbid) go through a series of trials with an unprofessional and inexperienced beautician.

    It’s the same with us, dear girls, Minicard has no compromises on quality! It comes from the heart and soul, that’s how we are, total 😇 We have every digital business card – in color !

    We make sure to put some important highlights:

            1. The appearance of the card – just as you take care of your general aesthetics, so do we. Card design and branding are just as important! Custom design that makes you excited.
            2. Sharing the card – you can share the digital business card in an easy and fast way and on a variety of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS message, email, etc..) and all with the click of a button.
            3. Targeted messages – compared to a normal website where the customer can get lost in all the pages of the site and which advertisement pops up, the digital card allows you to convey messages and make the customer stay focused. An excellent tool for increasing income.
            4. Accessibility – according to the accessibility law, it is mandatory for every website today to provide accessibility tools for people with disabilities. Therefore, we made sure to make our digital business cards accessible!
            5. Financial savings – beyond the fact that a digital business card is an excellent marketing tool! It is important to understand that it can also save costs, if it concerns the costs of printing a paper business card, the costs of setting up and maintaining a website, and more. This is a savings of hundreds to thousands of shekels a year!
            6. Increases profits – a well-oiled machine that works like a Swiss watch, this is how the smart digital business card works that does a great marketing job! All you have to do is continue to work, generate income and with the help of the digital card increase the profits.
            7. Contributes to Google promotion – The digital business card is a great tool for business promotion! Especially when you know how to set it up correctly and smartly and of course with good marketing – increases and improves the results on Google.
            8. It works? Definitely! – You will be able to track statistics and know how many entered your digital business card today, for example how many clicked on the “call” button and even how many times your digital card was shared!

    In conclusion, do you want to advance to the digital world – to market and promote your business like a professional?

    Digital business card – the perfect solution !

    We will be happy to give you a quote from all ❤

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