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All your information in one place, in an impressive and convenient way for your customers.

A digital business card is recommended for everyone – what is it? The complete guide

    Minicard digital business card –

    We present to you the minicard digital business card revolution, which allows you to market and promote your business with almost zero effort. A digital business card is intended for independent business owners, entrepreneurs, salespeople, agents, businessmen and anyone who regularly uses a business card.

    Your business card can be shared easily and without any effort from your smartphone – directly to the customer’s mobile phone. Sharing the card is possible in a variety of options, for example: WhatsApp, SMS, email, Facebook

    In addition, you can send your digital business card automatically during a conversation with a customer on WhatsApp and SMS (for an additional fee).

    Our uniqueness from the competition

    It is no coincidence that we are considered one of the leading companies/suppliers for digital business cards today, without exaggerating yes? Each of our business cards is created with great love, with thinking and planning down to the smallest details, our name goes before us and therefore it is important for us to always do it in the best way until the customer’s satisfaction.

    So what does our business card contribute to the business?

    ✔️ Brands the business in a prestigious, professional and reliable way

    ✔️ Makes your customers stay focused on the necessary details

    ✔️ Improves the results in the Google search engine

    ✔️ Increases the amount of likes and comments on social networks

    ✔️ Shows all your contact information

    ✔️ Looks great and long customers

    ✔️ Sent automatically during a conversation with a customer

    ✔️ And most importantly – increases the chance of closing deals!

    Why give us a chance to make your business successful? Because our name goes before us!

    Your success is our success.

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