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A digital business card is recommended for everyone – what is it? The complete guide

Efficiency is the name of the game

For quick sharing of your digital business card, it is desirable that it be accessible in front of your eyes during a working day.

Instead of looking for your business card on the Internet, or in chats with customers you have shared with, we have prepared a guide for you to save the digital business card on the home screen of your phone.

A few short steps and the business card will be accessible to you in just one click.

Are you starting?

1. Saving on iPhone

  • Page at the top of the page , at the bottom of the page click on the square mark
    » Click on add to page / home screen

Click Add

Click the plus button add to home screen

Click the square button with an up arrow

Saving a digital business card on the home page screen on the iPhone in conclusion

So you’ve gone through our guide and learned how to share your digital business card… now all that’s left is to share with friends. Why not show off what is possible?

We have prepared for you our article on the guide to sharing the digital card on the iPhone where you can learn how to send a message to all our customers at once (before holidays, promotions, updates on operating hours, etc.) and generate new customers and additional transactions easily.

Can’t get to your business card easily? In this guide you will learn how to add the digital business card to the home screen of your phone

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