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Our Story

“Trek Yam Achziv” is a local tourism and water attraction company that is in the preserved area of Achziv in the northern part of Israel (close to the border with Lebanon).
Our company is in the extreme boat business for over 45 years, and we are proud owners of a fleet assembled of 7 extreme boats from different manufactures.

Over the years, like many of our collogues and basically any RIB boat owner, we faced a lot of challenges with our boats related to the hard weather conditions in the middle east, high temperatures most of the year, humidity, UV exposure etc. Most of the times, it was tube related issues: tears in the fabric, punches, and glued accessories (rope, handles) that ripped out from the tube.
Other challenges we had to face along the years were related to the design of our boats hull, that would limit us from working in slightly higher waves while keeping the safety of our passengers.

Our turning point came just a bit before COVID-19 hit the world. In the middle of the summer high season, during a routine ride with passengers, the tube in one of the boats broke and had to be replaced, we could not find any descent replacement in reasonable time frame, due to that, the boat had to be shut down for the entire season.
That experience, together with the lockdowns that came with the pandemic led us to think about how we improve our boats resilience, and to be less deepened on an outside support. We started researching, reading articles, looking for professional people that can help us reach our goals. With the assistant of a naval architect, we designed our first boat.

Throughout this process we bear in our minds the following objectives:
To solve tube related issues.
Provide excellent experience and maximum safety to our passengers in higher seas.
Make the boat stronger and avoid water ingress to the hull.

T.Y-700 Achziv Boat

Years of men experience, and month of work led us to build our first RIB model, the “T.Y-700 Achziv”.
The rumor was spread in a moment and many requests to buy our boat came.
A surprising fact was that many of the customers showed great interest in our tubes and its unique technology: A welded TPU instead of glued HYPELON or PVC.
We use fabrics that are made of the best materials in the market, materials that can provide excellent solution in terms of strength and U.V resistance.
This specific fabric is known to be in wide use for the U.S Coastguards and Israeli Marine Police boats.

Why stop here…. With this knowledge, we turned to other industries, white water rafts. We were amazed to see that many of the rafting companies face the same tubing problems with their inflatable rafts. Today we are engaged with one of the biggest raft cruise providers in Israel, replacing hundreds of their rafts, and looking forward to continuing working with the local market in the same approach of best welded TPU. We continue our journey in search of new technologies that can push us to provide the best products to our customers, and we are confident that we can change the market in the way that RIBs, tubes and rafts should be for everyone, safer, lighter and much more colorful.

Our Boats – TYB
Our Rafts – TYR
Pontoon & Tube Replacement


Our Boats - TYB

Our Rafts - TYR

Pontoon & Tube Replacement

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