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A digital business card is recommended for everyone – what is it? The complete guide

Introduction and table of contents:


In recent years more and more businesses are using a digital business card and still, not everyone knows what it is, what it is for and why we need one at all.

In the following article we will explain:

  1. What is a digital business card?
  2. What is the difference between a digital business card and a website?
  3. What are the advantages of a digital business card?
  4. What is a free digital business card and is it enough for me?
  5. How do you decide which digital business card is recommended?
  6. Summary


1. What is a digital business card?


A digital business card is a web page that contains all the information about your business in one place, in a convenient and focused way for the customer.
In a high-quality digital business card, you can find the contact details of the business – phone, email, business address, etc., general text about the business and the list of the business’s services, a photo gallery, recommended customers, a gallery among our customers and of course action buttons and a contact form for the customer.


Unlike a classic paper business card, a digital business card is recommended because it is not thrown in the trash and the customer will never lose it because it is on his phone, it is always available to send so that the business owner never encounters a situation where he does not have business cards on him, and it contains much more than the basic details that it contains A normal paper business card.

Many times the business card is treated as a minisite for the business, that is, a mini website, because in essence it is quite similar to a website and contains most of the details and information that a website contains, and it can appear on Google in the first results as soon as a customer searches for your business name just like a website, and still – there are fundamental differences between a website and a digital business card.

2. I have a website, why do I need a digital business card?


A website contains detailed and extensive information about the business, articles and blogs, an extensive explanation of each type of service or product, articles from the press, a dedicated contact page, and other pages.
The goal is always to create a site rich in information so that it will be crawled on Google and will be able to appear on the first pages for certain keywords.
For example – a Par Platinum real estate agent would want his site to jump as high as possible on Google when someone is looking for a real estate agent
On Google, the card appears first on Google and thus makes it easier for customers to find you, any other third party, for example, a site like the Yellow Pages, Mederg, etc. There are many other companies on your card, you are in control.
A website is never built to mince words, but exactly the opposite – to give rich and convincing information so that it will promote itself on Google and contain information that will answer any question that may arise from the customer.

The purpose of a digital business card is to create a convenient and quick introduction between the customer and the business or the person in charge in half a minute .

The introduction will always answer the basic questions that run through the mind of every customer about our business – who we are, what we do, how you can “check” us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn (or any other network), view several photos, and of course how to contact us Quick on WhatsApp or by phone. Minimum information, maximum efficiency.
Since the digital business card answers all questions already at the customer’s introduction to the business, it can be said that the definition “minisite” or “mini site” is accurate. A lot of business owners don’t need more than that and they basically get a website for the price of a business card.

In businesses with several officials, such as a mortgage consulting business or insurance companies, a personal business card is needed for each official and a website cannot provide the required answer for each official.

For these reasons, an online business card can be used as a website (not always), but a website cannot replace a digital business card. After the customer has reached the business card, he can choose for himself whether he wants to call us, or continue to receive more in-depth information by going to the website through the digital business card.


3. Advantages of the digital business card:


The digital business card has many advantages compared to a website, a classic paper business card, a business page on social networks and website indexes:

1. All the information under one roof – the digital business card contains all the information the customer needs in one place. No need to go between pages or search for the information on different platforms. One address for everything. If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment, you will understand how frustrating it is to go from page to page just to find out if the business we are looking for is open and how to navigate to it, for example.

2. Targeted information – one of the biggest problems in the digital marketing era is the flood of information. Our client is overwhelmed by the various platforms and finds himself overwhelmed by information that is mostly unnecessary and has no connection or contribution to the client’s decision whether to purchase from you or not. If you have ever inquired about laser eyeglass removal surgery, you must have found yourself encountering dozens of articles and texts and at a certain point you abandoned the subject and returned to it later.

In the first step when the customer encounters us, we must give clear and focused information and from there let the customer choose whether he wants to continue digging through the information and move to other platforms, or simply contact us.

When it comes to sales, information overload can work in a negative way.

3. Replacing a paper business card – If we had to defend the classic business card, we would argue that there is something archaic in this act of passing a business card, perhaps even a symbolic ceremony in certain situations, and even then, it is suitable for business owners from more “heavy” fields such as lawyers, and certainly not instead of sending a business card digital.
A digital business card is always with us, is not thrown in the trash, and always contains updated information, unlike a classic business card whose information is worth nothing once we have changed address, phone or branding.

Ask yourself, how many of the paper business cards you received in the past do you currently have?

4. The customer is only focused on you – do a quick check – search for your business name on Google and go to the first 3 results that come up. Try to objectively examine what information you received in your first half minute on each platform.
What results did you encounter? If we were to guess, then you must have reached Facebook and indexes such as the Yellow Pages or Easy. Pay attention to what happens here: the customer arrives on a platform that is not yours.

On Facebook, as soon as he likes your page, he will receive recommendations for similar pages (and many times from competitors), and he will be exposed to other people’s comments that might make him click on their profile and check who they are.


In Bezeq, Yellow Pages, Easy and the like, he will receive offers for professionals or businesses similar to yours, sometimes also as an advertisement within the “your personal” page that should introduce you.

A customer looking for you on the net only needs to reach your page. Any offer to other businesses is the worst thing that can happen to our business and a waste of a potential deal.

5. Presence on Google – a quality digital business card appears on Google within a few days of starting to use it.

When a customer searches for your business on Google, the process must be very simple:
I was looking for a business – I found it – I got the information I wanted in a quick and convenient way – I proceeded to contact or purchase.

This flow is very important for generating transactions and a customer who does not find the business he is looking for easily will often lose patience and simply move on.


6. Design and general visibility – a digital business card exposes the customer to our business, many times for the first time. We want him to come across a page that looks good and professional because many times our visibility and the first impression we convey to the client will set the tone for the client’s continued interest in us. Have you ever thought of coming to a business meeting with flip flops and a tank top?

Like it or not, but we live in a world where our appearance is immediately linked to the professionalism and quality of our business, and we don’t want to fall there.

7. Virality – a digital business card is passed from hand to hand (or from device to device) in an intuitive way just by being a business card. Once the customer receives it, they can easily pass it on to any friend, family member or colleague.
No one ever said “Talk to Avitar, he’s a top lawyer, I’ll send you his website on WhatsApp”, but many said “Talk to Yael, she’s a champion, I’ll send you her business card”. Long live the small difference.

8. Low cost – a business card gives a high return at a very low price compared to any other marketing platform or expense.
The post you financed last weekend earned you 150-200 NIS and its results are limited to the last weekend only, the ad you placed in the local newspaper cost 400 NIS and most of your potential customers saw it on Saturday and forgot about you until Sunday, the paper business card you made when opening the business cost Go for NIS 200 and most of them throw up dust with the attitude of “this is how we got from the printing house”, and if you have since changed your slogan, logo or address, they are also irrelevant (and no, don’t erase the address with a pen and write the new address, it looks bad and disrespects you).

You pay a not high price for a luxury business card once a year and work in an orderly manner with professional work tools.


4. Free digital business card – why pay at all


Every product in this world has a spectrum of prices. There is a lawyer who charges 300 NIS an hour and there are those who charge 600 NIS an hour, there is a 4-room apartment for 800,000 NIS, and some for a million and a half.
A digital business card also has a wide price range that starts at 350 and ends at thousands of shekels per year.

A free digital business card will often be a very simple card, containing only basic contact information.
It lacks a unique design, which is one of the most important elements in business cards, important information such as a list of services, photos, recommended customers, and it does not actually have any added value compared to a high-quality digital business card, mainly because it does not arouse the customer’s curiosity and lead him to continue.

Your business card contains the basic information that a customer receives from you the first time they encounter you online, and is responsible for the way the customer perceives you. The business card is basically the face of your business.

The digital business card is a work tool and is of utmost importance in the basic marketing of any business, whether it is a business card for a business or a salesperson within the business. It sits on servers that must be reliable and fast, it must contain important information and be designed in such a way that it will leave a first impression and be etched in the customer’s mind.

Even a NIS 400 phone can make calls and receive messages on WhatsApp, and we still choose to invest thousands of NIS in a fast device with a comfortable display and a battery that will last us all day.
Contact details can also be transferred in one centralized WhatsApp message. Branding, quality and first impression – no.

Investing in professional tools is one of the smartest investments you will make.


5. What is important to check before purchasing and which digital business card is recommended:


There are several elements that require examination and consideration before choosing a digital business card supplier.

1. Design and quality of work – first of all, we need to think from the customer’s point of view – what does he get from us and do we look the way we would like to look. A recommended and good digital business card will correspond with your brand in a way that will compliment your brand or even elevate it, and if you do not have branding, marketing materials or even a logo, it is critical that you choose an experienced company that knows how to produce excellent results even in such situations.

2. Responsiveness – at least 25% of the traffic to our business cards comes from desktop computers and not from phones. Sometimes these are customers who received the business card as a signature in an email or who have their WhatsApp open on their computer. It sounds like an obvious thing but in practice many business cards do not look good in a WEB browser and this is something that should be paid attention to. Check that the business card looks good on the computer as well.

3. Seniority and stability of the company that provides the business cards – we need to remember that a digital business card sits on another company’s servers, and like any company in the world, this company will also have technical difficulties.
Facebook crashes once/twice a year, WhatsApp crashes at least once a year. This is a natural thing and no company in the world is free from mishaps.

There are many companies that offer digital business card services. An old company that specializes in digital business cards has been through failures and knows how to deal with them in a fast and professional manner, and has built hundreds and thousands of business cards so that it knows how to deal with failures and load on servers especially after it accumulates hundreds of customers.
We have often received inquiries from customers who had business cards in the past but the company that made them no longer exists. That’s how you lost a link to the business’s platform that was probably sent to hundreds or thousands of customers in the past who won’t be able to access your business card in the future. A bitter and expensive mistake.

4. Loading speed – everyone knows that a page that loads too slowly will cause the client to abandon the page before it even loads. Check that the business cards you see are loaded quickly. Note that you are in a place with cellular reception and not in an office or business surfing on Wifi which often tends to be slow so that you can test the card’s loading speed.

5. Customer service – quality business cards are built and designed in an individual way and not from a template into which data is entered and it is created by itself. During the year you will find yourself adding services, changing addresses, writing new marketing texts and wanting to refresh the photo gallery. It is important to make sure that the company you work with has dedicated customer service throughout the year and knows how to deal with many customers, and that there is an address for your inquiries that also knows how to integrate the changes correctly and wisely.

6. Clients recommend – as with any product related to digital marketing, we recommend checking what previous clients have written about the company you want to work with.
Do they recommend it, are they satisfied with the end result, did they get value for their money, and are they satisfied with the customer service.

As with any product we purchase, whether it’s in our private life or in our business, we recommend doing a market survey before making a decision.

No one is wiser than someone with experience and in the digital age you can get very high quality information about any business through its reviews.


7. Google presence – as we mentioned above, we always want the digital business card to be our first point of contact with the customer because it is designed to provide details in an easy and accurate way for the customer. You will be surprised to find out how many people during the year search for your name on Google when they want to navigate to you quickly and easily, when they want to check what your phone number is and in other situations.
Before you purchase a recommended digital business card, search for the name of the business or the business owner of the business card you are looking at on Google and check if it appears on the first page of Google, preferably in the first 5 results.

A famous saying says “The best place to hide a body is the second page on Google”, and if you want a little more precise numbers, we are talking about a ratio of one user out of every 80 users who continues to the second page of results.

8. Professional advice – it is very important to work with a company that gives professional advice regarding the various texts and elements on the card during the opening of the order because the way they are presented is critical to the effectiveness of your business card.
There are companies that offer a business consulting service when opening the order and there are companies that ask the customer for the details and put them on the business card as they are without any editing.

An accurate business card knows how to present effective information in a minimalistic and effective way. Therefore, a business card is recommended to be made in front of a professional who specializes in the field.




How many times has it happened to you that customers asked you why your product or service is so expensive while ignoring the professionalism of your work? You “all sign a document, 5 minutes of work”, “just come for a minute to fix some pipe” or you simply enter their information into some software and it does everything for you, that’s what they think.

In this case too, a digital business card is often seen as a simple product, but as in everything in life, there are different levels of a product and much more than meets the eye, and whoever does not examine the various criteria before purchasing a digital business card, will learn firsthand why they say “cheap things” Expensive.”

The quality of the business card will determine how many people will be exposed to your business, what impression they will get on you and whether they will remember you in the future and pass your business card on. There is an element of proper construction, design, responsiveness, server quality and loading speed, the stability of the supplying company, the experience it has in the field, and the promotion of the digital business card on Google.

The minicard.app company specializes in digital business cards and has been doing so for over 3 years.
Thousands of business owners have made a digital business card with us for their business, for their sales people and for positions in large companies such as CEOs, VPs and more.

Our works are characterized by an uncompromising level of design and precision and we strive to always be first in every element that determines the quality of our product and service and at a price equal to every pocket whether you are real estate developers, lawyers , restaurant owners, renovators or insurance agents.

We create and operate with the understanding that if our business cards help you and improve your business, you will continue with us over time and recommend us to friends and other business owners.

The business cards we create are also our faces. Our interest is shared.Agent



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